Using a BlueHost Coupon

BlueHost coupon searches are fairly easy if you know where to look. They may be located on various websites, and listed with a certain affiliate attached. This works as a form of passive income for the affiliate and is something you may want to consider as well. However, you can also find coupons from BlueHost directly from the hosting provider, depending on what specials they have going on at the time.


Instant Rebate Use

One of their great deals involves a rebate that is instantly effective. The longer you choose to have their hosting service in place, the more you’ll save on each month’s premium. The instant rebate is taken off the amount due immediately based on which time length you prefer. In order for this savings to be effective, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. If you have questions on how to do this, there are step by step directions online.


Savings and Rebate Amounts

The amount of savings with this rebate could add up to $108 and includes a free domain name and setup. However, if you use a coupon code from an affiliate site, this amount may differ. It could potentially take a regular monthly fee of $6.95 down to $3.95 (click here for the $3.95 discount price). Usually, this 50% savings is reserved for those who purchase up to three years of hosting with BlueHost at one time.


Customer Support Testimonials

Once you have taken the time to use one of these coupons from BlueHost, feel free to fill out a testimonial form. Leave them feedback and let them know how helpful you found this information to be, and whether you would recommend it to someone else. This data helps them perfect these deals so their customers will be more satisfied. Of course, it is very important to use the right link with these coupon codes to ensure you get the anticipated price.


Hosting Time Lengths

Other coupon codes apply to both one and two years of BlueHost service, and they save anywhere from $36 for one year and $72 for two years. Keep in mind that when you do settle down with a website for this long, it will give your online presence a stronger, more stable foundation.

If you’re going to hold off on purchasing the website hosting right away, you can also bookmark a potential coupon code for later. This will keep you from having to find it all over again later, and will still let you save money. On those occasions when the affiliate code no longer applies, you can simply to go the main page to get a current BlueHost coupon offer.


Affiliate Opportunities for You

Once you’ve taken advantage of it, don’t forget to sign yourself up as an affiliate. You will then be prepared to post your very first ad on your free domain name, and start to recover some of the original setup cost. This is the best way to use coupons from BlueHost and avoid paying full price for your new online real estate.

WordPress Hosting with BlueHost

If you want to start a blog with WordPress, then one of the best hosting choices is BlueHost. This system is already set up with the necessary plug-ins to make WordPress work smoothly and easily.

An additional feature is the cPanel background that makes it very simple to get up and running. That means you can skip a lot of unnecessary steps and get your site ready in the same day. For some blog owners, time is an especially valuable commodity. BlueHost provides it automatically.


Customize Your Website

Specifically, the WordPress features of BlueHost allow you to customize the page any way you like. This gives you more freedom in terms of colors, layouts and styles. While these may seem like small details, all of them add up to give your website a certain personality. This is the online environment you want to provide for your readers that encourages them to stick around.


Coding Knowledge is not Required

A lack of web code knowledge is not a deterrent when you sign up with BlueHost either, as the WordPress plug-ins account for this. They are already set up for optimal performance without any additional effort on your part. In fact, some of these will help you with SEO as well, helping your page get better rankings with the search engines.


Accessible Customer Support

If you do run across questions while using WordPress, you’ll find there is a large online community ready to help you. All you need to do is submit your question to the WordPress forum and you will find plenty of assistance. Some of these answers are readily accessible so you may even be able to avoid a waiting time.

As this WordPress plug-in works with BlueHost, you’ll also have access to their United States-based customer support. These representatives work very hard to keep hold times down and make sure their customers are well taken care of. This company also has exclusive technology, so they understand the software both inside and out.


Free Online Extras for Websites

Free extras that go along with BlueHost service include a free domain name and $100 of Google Credit. This gives you a chance to start gaining exposure for your site without spending any additional money. For those customers who are starting out with an online business, this can be helpful to stay on budget.

Once they get started, they can use the WordPress and BlueHost sharing features to expand their online presence even further. Do some testing to see which work the best with your particular reader audience.


Simple and Quick Installation

Installation is very simple as well, with a one-click procedure. Rather than spend hours on this project, it can be done in just a few minutes. It also comes with Hosting Resource Protection, which protects your information.

As a combination tool, WordPress hosting with BlueHost is one of the best ways to start out on the web. The more experience you gain with it, the more you’ll see that it’s an effective way to manage any internet company.

BlueHost’s Features Review

Choosing a web hosting service should be done carefully after some review. Only then will you be able to match the available features and services with the size of your new endeavor. For example, if you are going to start a string of websites, then you need a hosting company that will save you money and provide you the bandwidth to do this.

If you are only interested in one blog or site, then they should have a mini-package available to service this need as well. BlueHost is one provider that knows how to work with all their customers, no matter how large or small.

They also make it easy by offering convenient templates that lead you through the process from step to step. Whether you’re looking for FTP, MySQL or SSL, they have everything ready to go for you. The lack of hidden fees also makes this easy on your budget, especially when you’re just starting out.

By using their service, you could sign up with them and have your site up and running before the end of the day. Later on, if you find out this venture is not producing as you wish, they have a great anytime money back guarantee.

If you’ve never set up a website, then you can use the BlueHost website builder for assistance. Just answer the questions that are presented and make the choices based on what you would like your online presence to look like. With this kind of help, expanding your brick-and-mortar establishment into the virtual world becomes much easier to figure out.

BlueHost also works with over 50 script plug-ins so you can settle your domain wherever you want. WordPress, Roundcube and Concrete5 are a few options in their very long list of easy to use plug-ins. That means you have more freedom of choice in terms of who you want to purchase your site from, and you can use the cPanel hosting service to make changes to your site as often as necessary.

E-commerce is built into BlueHost’s service as well, so you can start making money with your site right away. Depending on what products or services you are offering, you can plug in your affiliate or ad codes directly and use the built-in shopping cart.

Another way to make money with BlueHost is to become an affiliate. With every referral, you can earn a commission and post your BlueHost affiliate code directly on your site. If you get enough traffic, this passive income can begin to grow right along with your subscriber list.

Customer service is another great feature that BlueHost handles well, and has in fact won several awards in this area. Not only can you talk to their Help Desk with questions, but they also offer tutorials and instructional videos to help you get started. They do all of this in-house and can maintain a high standard of support.

Database service is included with the BlueHost service, and this will help you keep track of your customer and website subscribers. Building a list with a database allows you to stay in touch with follow up emails regarding service or product upgrades.